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Chalkidiki Green Olives
with red peppers (natural)

Kopanisti (spread) with Feta cheese and olives

Inolivia with Red Pepper


350 gr of Feta cheese (preferably from Chalkidiki)
4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 pinches of oregano
1 pinch of chili pepper
100 gr of Inolivia green olives with red peppers


Put all the ingredients in a deep bowl and mix together until the blend is homogeneous. If you have a blender, equally separate the quantities of the ingredients -except from the olives- (in 2 or 3 doses depending on the size of the blender) and then empty them into a bowl, stirring the final mixture 3-4 times with the chopped olives.
Serve in a large platter or shallow dish, depending on your art-de-la-table. Put the sun-dried tomatoes in the center and sprinkle the olives.

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The Greek red peppers are full of aroma and color and constitute a pleasant culinary and aesthetic surprise. They look lovely on the table, while their peppery taste makes them ideal for white and red wines, as well as for stronger drinks.

Red peppers are a delicious, sweet, yet low-fat food, rich in Vitamins C, A, K and E. They also give a healthier flair to our table. One cup of raw chopped red peppers contains anti-oxidants and lutein that beneficially affect our eyesight. The most known red pepper type is the one produced in Florina (in northern Greece).

The green olives of Chalkidiki with red peppers ideally accompany a sparkling wine, a rosé from Amyntaion, a Prosecco from Piemonte, as well as the domestic Malagouzia variety, which due to its leafy flavor perfectly suits the mild aftertaste of the red pepper.

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